Thursday, June 28, 2012


Terlalu indah. 
Adakah yang salah? 
Tidak pernah aku mengarungi siang dan malam dengan haru cerita cita seindah biru. 
Saat aku merindu, saat aku mengenang. 
Saat aku memaksa neuron neuron di kepalaku bekerja untuk seakan mendengar kamu lagi. 
Saat aku terpejam dan semesta membawaku lari kepada kamu untuk sekedar memberi hadiah pada mataku: memandangi kamu.

Ada yang bergemuruh di dadaku. 
Saat khayal aku terbangkan setinggi langit. 
Saat tertepis pada realita bahwa... ini terlalu indah...

Aku tertegun dan membiarkan segala ruang dikepalaku berpikir.
Sedikit banyak tentang kita.
Banyak tentang kamu.
Banyak tentang kamu.
Banyak tentang kamu.

Apakah ini nyata?
Atau hanya cerita?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Is This Unavailing?


That was the very first respond as I read yours. "For all the things we had done, is this unavailing?" hahaha what do you think? Is this unavailing? :))

That's the way it's been here lately
You're too busy now to save me...

No, I tell you what. There ain't no single thing in this world has ever turned into something unavailing. Trust me. It's all about time, dude. Perhaps that was our time and this has no longer our time. 

Sometimes I wish I could just let go but I love you
And I believe that one day you'll be come around...

And did I make your heart break? For God's sake, dude, that should be me asking the thing. 

You gave me your words an I always take it...

Thanks, though, for being there when I needed. You were the best. No. You always been the best, now and then. Even that's not the best for me always, at least you're the best for your community, for your mom, for your friends. For yourself.

Go fly and step your feet in every continents around the globe. Visit each and every city. Take pictures. Meet new people. Taste every dish you haven't tasted. Make stories. Envy other people with your stories. Make your mother proud. Be that one you wanted to be. Finish your study. Then fly again. Fly, maybe with a G6, and stop by in every airports. Sleep in a big five hotel. Experience winter again. Bring home some souvenirs. On and on...

Time goes on we're growing apart
Broken promises break my heart...

But... yeah, you still owe me a single thing: ice skating. :))

Am I suppose to believe your words are true?

Thanks, for ever be the man that gave me such a beautiful, thrilling, and flirtatious words. Perhaps you were are the only one. Thank you.

Good bye. I'm enough having you for once.

And there wouldn't be the "Best Academic" without your help so... thanks. Many thanks. :)

Lyrics taken from Bruno Mars' Girl in the Window

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Internacional Week Indonesia 2011: ¿‘Halal’ o ‘haram’?

This is an article written by my Spanish friend, Ingrid Sagué Sitjes on redacciÓ (Revista del Department d'Activitats Culturals d'ESADE). Was written in Spanish, but I translate it in English for the sake of your reading convenience. You can find the original article here.

Do you guys remember (well if you did read my posts continuously) I have posted some stories about Indonesia International Week? Well for you who haven't read that yet, go have some sneak peek into some posts labeled "Indonesia International Week" on my homepage (or just simply click the link).

Now, here in this new post I'm going to spread the word about Indonesia International Week 2011 again, from the point of view of a western friend (which will represent the other westerns, I suppose).

Internacional Week Indonesia 2011: ¿‘Halal’ o ‘haram’?

The program of the last IW INDONESIA 2011 was focused in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia; Yogyakarta, the second big city; and finally Bali, a popular island known by all. Jakarta is a capital jammed with traffic. We do not exaggerate by saying that to move about 20 miles it takes an average of 2 hour drive. "Unacceptable", "desperate" is how I would describe Westerners. "Regular" and "routine" is what they live. The secret? Be patient, positive and above. However, go ahead.

"Welcome Party"

Our stay in Jakarta, I feel compelled to refer to anecdotal welcome party, every group of students had to prepare a dish from their country while also dancing. We, as good stewards, prepare a pa amb tomàquet with tortilla chips. There was also gazpacho. With respect to the ball, we finally decided that La Macarena was seemed to be the best dance. To give you an idea of the situation: about 30 students from around the world eating and dancing at the home of one of the organizers of the IW. It was easy to see that over 60% of the guests were Muslim. Well, it all started when a girl from Hungary brought a giant sausage in his country, which bore many similarities to what we here call "sausage". This food was eaten by each and every one of the guests, and that together with our pa amb tomàquet, the delicatessen became the party. We we questioned what kind of sausage that should be, ruling out the possibility that it could come from pigs. However, a cold water would fall on those moments of culinary glory. It was the end of dinner, when we had to get up in countries to explain the ingredients of our plate, when the Hungarian said, with a calm exorbitant, that what had just eaten came mainly from the guts of the PIG. A death silence filled the room, everyone looked at each other turning pale at times. To catch his breath, the boldest reassured others explaining that eating pork will be a sin. Incredibly, the Hungarian completely unaware that the pig was an animal sacred to Islam. Since then learned two words necessary to survive in a Muslim country such as Indonesia: halal, for foods permitted by religion and haram, forbidden for.

Road to Yogyakarta and Bali
The next stop was Yogyakarta, a city in the midst of nature that allowed us to explore from its vast coffee fields to the largest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobudur temple, a world heritage monument by UNESCO. In Yogya we found that the ability to bargain requires years of experience as they leave a proud and confident negotiating the price already got two meters find the same product at an extremely lower makes you realize that you are in its territory the inexperienced. Finally, the last stop was Bali, the visit we were all waiting. In Bali we learned that you should always ask the state of the sea before, without any idea of ​​surfing. You'll rent a table by 0.10 € / hour, you go the to the bottom of a sea that seems quieter than the lake of Banyoles and pretend to wait for your big wave. Do not go into details. Our stay in Bali vacation coincided with the Australians, a great coincidence to learn English and had good views. However, it was easy to verify that you enjoy being a tourist Bali. We were pleasantly surprised not that in all the pubs there were separate managers responsible for the main queue to indigenous people. The tail incorporated into a secondary requirement to pay entry, an entry is absolutely free for all others.

An IW gives you the opportunity to visit a country from the perspective of a native: sleeping, eating and traveling with them and like them. A journey that offers a multicultural vision of the world around us and about his career. It is an experience that makes you break down myths and realize that, despite the many differences of religion, education or tradition that can be separated from the rest of the group, all have a common interest: to learn from others, learn about experiences, ideologies, needs, concerns and new lifestyles of a dramatically enrich you as a person. I have been very difficult to compress this trip in brief, however, I am satisfied if I manage to participate in the next International Week.

Have an International Week, guys! Meet new people! Learn cultures! And yes, post some blog posts (or articles)!

We do not exaggerate by saying that to move about 20 miles it takes an average of 2 hour drive. "Unacceptable", "desperate" is how I would describe Westerners. "Regular" and "routine" is what they live.
Ingrid, talking about the hectic Jakarta.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jalani Saja

Malam itu aku dengar suaramu yang melantun dalam melodi.
Dengan barisan kata dalam lirik yang terangkai menyebut kotaku, Jakarta.
Tertahan air di ujung mata, terjatuh perlahan.
Tepat diujung bibir yang menyungging senyum bahagia.
Dalam hati bergemuruh rasa yang aku sendiri tidak mampu menuliskan.
Apalah itu artinya, semua yang bergetar.
Semua yang bergema.
Semua yang menggelitik.

Lalu aku tertawa kecil.
Menghapus satu tetes air mata haru, yang kau berikan kepadaku, lagi.
Untuk kesekian kali.
Kemudian aku tersenyum bahagia.
Terenyuh, aku terenyuh, saat nama kotaku kau nyanyikan.

Apapun makna dibalik segala yang telah terjadi, aku pasrah.
Tak sanggup aku menulis tentang apa maksud Tuhan, antara aku dan kamu.
Segalanya terasa manis.
Aku bahagia.
Walau ada satu ragu, tapi tak apa, aku masih tetap bahagia.

Berjuta kata terimakasih tak akan sanggup menggambarkan betapa aku ingin bertemu denganmu, menatapmu secara langsung, melihat kamu tersenyum, seraya aku berkata terimakasih.
Atas segala haru bahagia yang kau torehkan dihatiku.
Buanglah segala raguku.
Yakinkanlah aku.
Sebab aku bahagia karenamu.

Dan seperti yang pernah kau tulis,
Jalani saja.


Aku berdoa agar kamu bukan cuma mimpi indahku.
Atau sekedar dongeng cinta sebelum tidurku.

Aku berdoa agar kamu bukan cerita fiksi yang terkarang.
Atau untaian kata cantik dengan melodi yang terkenang.

Aku berdoa kepada Allah, Tuhan Semesta Alam, agar kamu... 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Everyday I'm Shufflin~

Why waste money on psychotherapy when you can listen to the B Minor Mass?

Lo tau kan, lagunya David Guetta yang berjudul Night of Your Life (feat Jennifer Hudson)? Coba cek link ini biar lo bisa denger langsung lagunya bagi lo yang ga tau. Nah, seorang teman pernah bilang gini saat dia denger gue memainkan dan menyanyikan lagu itu: "fan, lo kan berjilbab kok sukanya lagu-lagu kayak gini sih?"

"...lo kan berjilbab..."
"...lagu-lagu kayak gini..."

Oke, gue memang berjilbab and that already been more than a year I'm turning hijjabed. But that doesn't seem to change the way I like music. I listen to every music on the radio, I listen to every music everywhere I can find it. I listen to pop, I listen to rock. I dance the beats. I know jazz, bossanova, swing, country, soul, rhythm and blues, ballads, rap, metal and scream (even sometimes I just can't get the meaning of the scream) and other kinds of music. Gue bahkan kadang denger keroncong, sinden, atau bahkan lagu-lagu rohani dan rebanaan, walaupun jujur, ga sesering gue menderngar beberapa lagu yang gue paling suka. Dan kalo karokean sama temen-temen gue, sudah pasti ada lagu dangdut yang kita nyanyiin.

Beberapa temen gue yang K-Popers juga nularin ke-K-Pop-annya ke gue dan gue jadi tau beberapa lagu bossanova ala Korea (coba cek kesini dan denger deh) dan beberapa lagu upbeats even slow dari Korea. J-Pop juga gue tau, walaupun ga banyak sih. L'arc en Ciel contohnya, yang udah sukses menggelar konser mereka di Jakarta beberapa bulan yang lalu. Atau Japanese female singer favorit gue, Utada Hikaru. Dan jangan salah, walaupun lagu India itu panjang dan rasanya ga kelar-kelar dengerin satu lagu, gue masih dengerin. Apalagi lagu-lagu Pop Indonesia ya kaaann.

Dan mau itu lagu lama, lagu baru, gue dengerin. Gue suka. I listen to Air Supply, The Beatles, Bee Gees, Phil Collins, Firehouse, Mr Big, Bad English, Bon Jovi, Daniel Sahuleka, Sting and other. Gue tau Broery Marantika, Yuni Sara jaman dulu, Koes Plus, Chrisye (my all time favourite) atau lainnya. Bahkan gue ngerti house music tahun bokap nyokap gue masih muda dulu. Musik koplo pun gue tau.

Jadi kenapaaaaa kalo gue suka David Guetta? Atau kalo gue suka Dev, Far East Movement, Alexandra Burke atau lainnya yang musiknya setipe mereka? Just like my close friend said '...cos basically we love music".  Bukan karena gue berjilbab dan lantas gue harus selalu denger lagu-lagu rohani atau rebanaan terus kan? Come on, the world is wide, man! If it doesn't fit your mind then you gotta widen it a bit.

Kalo ngomongin musik Indonesia, gue sangat sangat sangat pemilih. Alasannya bukan karena gue ngga menghargai musikalitas mereka dan keterampilan mereka main musik, bukan. Tapi pernah, waktu itu gue lagi denger satu lagu di radio, pas denger intronya, gue langsung volume up radio gue, ambil napas, dan siap menyanyikan 'well when you go~ don't even think I'll make you turn to stay~' milik My Chemical Romance. Eeeehh lo tau, itu ternyata lagu milik band Indonesia yang menjiplak (atau entah apa kata yang lebih sopannya lagi) band asal US itu. Dan barusan hari ini, dimana gue udah mau nyanyi 'in my place~ in my place~' eeh taunya itu punya band A*mada yang menjiplak intronya Coldplay! And I was like shocked, mouth opened like WHAT?!

I listen to every music. But I choose which music I love. Don't doubt my music, dude, because they're cool just like me ;)

Dan ini adalah satu lagu yang lagi gue sukaaa banget. Udah lumayan lama sih, jaman awal SMA. Coba deh denger dulu, baru komentar :)

Maybe Tomorrow - Stereophonics

I look around at a beautiful life
Been the upperside of down
Been the inside of out
But we breathe
We breathe

Everyday I'm shufflin~~

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Mahasiswa Bersistem Kebut Semalam

Nama : Diofany Hervilita
NIM  : 200811026
Hobi : Mengaplikasikan Sistem Kebut Semalam setiap belajar buat ujian

Yap. Persis seperti kemarin malam. Gue baru ada niatan buat belajar sekitar jam 4 sore dan itupun gak langsung duduk diem atau ngelesehan di karpet dengan kertas dan materi yang stand by di laptop. Biasa sih, memang gue biasanya begitu. Dasar pemalas :S

Semalam adalah aktivitas belajar gue menjelang UAS untuk yang terakhir kalinya sebagai mahasiswa di Indonesia Banking School. Karena memang masih ada satu mata kuliah lagi yang mau gue cuci nilainya ehehe. At least segala kertas bekas slide dan fotokopian yang masih gue simpen dengan niat me-reuse kertas itu jadi terealisasi. Ya paling ngga kertas-kertas bekas itu masih ada fungsinya kan, buat bikin catetan dan belajar, selain buat tatakan kalo makan nasi bungkus, lap meja kalo ada tumpahan air, gambar-gambar ga jelas (mostly gambar muka kucing. tapi keseringan gambar muka kucing gagal sih), tutupan kompor listrik, bikin kerajinan tangan, dan bungkus pembalut bekas (oke this is just to be honest. well at least they're worth it and I reuse them).

catatan terakhir gue menuju uas terakhir

Gue, atau mungkin kalian juga, pasti bakal kangen sama cara belajar gue ini. Gue biasa belajar mulai sore sampe malem banget. Gak sampe pagi sih, paling lama gue belajar cuma sampe jam 2 pagi (ya tetep aja kan itu pagi fan -_-) dan metode yang gue pake adalah laptop mantengin slide (atau buku) terus siapin kertas bekas yang belakangnya masih kosong (kadang kalo ada coretan dikit pun gue hapus atau tip ex saking go green nya *atau mungkin gue pelit?*) nah kertas itu dilipet dua memanjang, tulis Bismillahirrohmanirrohim di paling atas kertas, judul chapter atau materi di samping kiri, terus baru deh gue menulis apa yang gue baca. Dengan begini, itu kertas bisa gue bawa tidur sambil baca. Coba lo bayangin kalo belajar dari slide pake laptop. Mau bawa-bawa laptop terus baca slide sambil tiduran? Selain ribet dan kemungkinan laptop jatoh, tangan lo juga jadi keram dan kesemutan deh.

Belajar sampe malem pagi dengan sistem kebut semalam, kamar yang ga pernah diberesin kalo udah masuk minggu ujian, me-reuse kertas bekas jadi catetan materi UAS, baca materi yang udah dicatet sambil tidur (walau ga pernah sampe ketiduran), sampe kampus kertas catetan laris manis dipinjem rekan sejawat (ehehe), kaki yang sering keram dan kesemutan karena dilipet sila mulu, tiba-tiba lupa naro penghapus dan heboh nyariin sampe kolong lemari (taunya ada dibawah kertas), lepas kacamata sebentar terus heboh nyariin kacamata sampe ke kamar mandi (padahal ditaro diatas laptop), dan sebagainya dan sebagainya... 

Mahasiswa. Sekejam apapun dosen ngasih cobaan, sekejam apapun peraturan ditegakkan, tetep, ga ada yang bisa menandingi akal mahasiswa.

Yaiyalah. Cabut dan titip absen, misalnya. Atau permisi keluar kelas dengan alasan ke toilet tapi ga balik-balik sampe kelas selesai (tapi tidak lupa sebelumnya udah isi absen sampe full). Atau tidur dengan anteng dipojokan waktu dosen ngajar. Atau siapin contekan rumus dibalik kalkulator. Ujian open book dan pake buku sendiri tapi masih tetep bisa minjem kanan-kiri bagi yang ga punya buku. Belum siap presentasi tapi ngaku ke dosen flashdisk ilang dan komputer kena virus terus dokumen ilang. Atau materi presentasi dibawa temen dan temennya ga masuk. Ngakalin satpam yang suka ngawasin mahasiswa pake jeans (karena di kampus gue ga boleh pake jeans). Melanggar aturan harus pake sepatu tapi malah pake sepatu sendal. Ditambah lagi ngakalin semua pihak regulator kampus dengan membawa kartu dan main kartu di kelas. (err, ini lagi ngomongin gue ya? -..-)

Ealah, gue kan seminar hasil aja belom yak, kok udah mellow mellow sendu gini sih ngomongin kuliahan? -____-

But for sure, I'm gonna miss me as MAHASISWA...

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

It's to Dream

It's to see you laying down upon the bed, with your glasses on and a book you just read on your chest, while your mind been wandering ahead, to a place I don't know where, dream about anything.

It's to find you sleeping soundly. And I put your glasses off, put the book on your chest away to the desk, cover you with the blanket, and perhaps, kiss you on the forehead.

It's to turn off the lamp. Then turn only one small light to accompany us to sleep. Have you on my side and then I pray for us.

It's to see you the first thing in the morning. Tell God how much I'm thankful for waking up first then wake you up and tell you to pray. Tell you to be my imam.

It's not a 'good morning', no. Because a 'let's pray' is thousand times more wonderful to say to you every morning.

It's to cook you breakfast. Prepare your office outfit. Choose a tie to suit the colour of your today's outfit, your shoes and socks, and stuff needed so you won't left a single thing necessary.

It's to greet you as you're home. Smile at you just to enlighten you for the day you spent at your workplace. To cook you dinner, and have you tell all the activities you're through. To laugh, to comfort, to be with you.

It is to dream BIG about you.....

Sunday, June 03, 2012


You've been on my mind
I grow fonder every day,
Lose myself in time
Just thinking of your face
God only knows
Why it's taken me so long
To let my doubts go
You're the only one that I want

Adele - One and Only

Writing this, took a whole lot of time to gather pieces of ideas to write. Not that I didn't have that idea, but the ideas were too much, and it was all because of you...

Am I doubt?
A little. Past experience wont let myself stay the same.
Am I insecure? 
Perhaps. The world's never been that secure for anyone in every aspect, I suppose.
Am I hoping? 
Yes, of course. I always have these prayers all my life.
Am I happy? 
Never been this happier. Oh it's you, make me happy. :)

If I were an iceberg, half of the ice of mine already been melted down in response of your warm touch.

Don't leave. Don't do me like other guys did.

savage garden - I knew I loved you

 I know that it might sound more than
a little crazy but I believe
I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life