Saturday, April 28, 2012

Maroon 5: My All Time Favourite

when it gets cold outside and ya got nobody to love
you'll understand what I mean when I say there's no way we're gonna give up
and like a little girl cries in the face of a monster that lives in her dreams
is there anyone out there cos it's getting harder and harder to breathe
Maroon 5 - Harder to Breathe

It was the very first song I like from Maroon 5, not to mention that their first single of Songs About Jane was This Love, not Harder to Breathe. It's not that I didn't like This Love, but Harder to Breathe made me so in love with Maroon 5!

The first time I ever recognized the band was on MTV. They played the music video of Maroon 5's first single, This Love. But that didn't make me fall for the band, though. Until a friend of mine, Gilang, borrowed me his Songs About Jane (Maroon 5 first album) cassette for me to listen and Harder to Breathe was the very first on the Side A list, and the first song made me a fan of Maroon 5!

There are some songs I favourited in this album, they are: Harder to Breathe, She will be Loved, Shiver, Tangled, The Sun, Must Get Out, Secret, Through with You, Not Coming Home, Rag Doll, Sweetest Goodbye and Sunday Morning. Oh did I just list everything but This Love? Obviously, yes, I'm so in LOVE with all the songs. Not that I don't like This Love, but the other songs have more power for me to love 'em.

Talking about their albums, the second album they composed was It Won't be Soon before Long with Makes Me Wonder as their first single. In this album, the former drummer, Ryan Dusick left the band because of an injury and got Matt Flynn to replace him. If you ever listened to their albums, from Songs About Jane to this, you'll find lots of changes (well, for me, I did) in their music. Songs About Jane was more like blues, jazz, pop rock while in It Won't be Soon before Long, they put some up beats (and so did they put for some songs in their next album, Hands All Over) but that didn't make them uncool. They're still, and always be a cool and magnificent band! By this, they actually prove they can do all kinds of music.

My favourite songs in their second albums are: Won't Go Home Without You, Nothing Last Forever, Kiwi, Back at Your Door, Goodnight Goodnight, Better that We Break, and Infatuation.

So next, Hands All Over. Still the same form with Matt Flynn, but with one additional keyboardist, PJ Morton. Try to listen to these: Give a Little More, Just a Feeling, No Curtain Call, Hands All Over, Get Back in My Life and Never Gonna Leave This Bed. They're the most awesome!

Besides all those, they also perform some singles with other artists like Moves Like Jagger with Christina Aguilera, Out of Goodbyes with Lady Antebellum, If I Never See Your Face Again featuring Rihanna, and the vocalist perform Stereo Hearts with Gym Class Heroes. They also have Woman, original soundtrack of Spiderman 2 (a very easy listening song, Woman) and perform an original sound track for The Hunger Games titled Come Away to the Water. And oh, they also have another album, the remix one.

Na-ah, they talent in the world of music don't stop there. They'll be publishing a new album titled Overexposed with this latest single: Payphone. Listen, and you'll be amazed of their work! And indeed, their work is amazing for winning some awards and get nominated!

So now, after the leaving of Ryan Dusick, I heard that Jesse Carmichael will also leave the band and gonna be replaced by PJ Morton. I was like, WHAT? Who the hell PJ Morton is anyway??? He's only the additional keyboardist and why on earth would Jesse leave the band??? Pfftttt!!!

Still with Ryan Dusick

Now with Matt Flynn

No, I won't post them with the new formation of PJ Morton here.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Kalah. Gue kalah sama semua aturan yang udah gue pasang sendiri. Ini soal hati. Gue selalu kalah. Atau mengalah. Entahlah.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

kicauan tengah malam

Ga nyangka udah jam segini. Udah larut malam di tanggal yang udah berganti. Udah diatas kasur sama si kucing. Udah pasang playlist bertempo lelet buat jadi lullaby. Tapi masih aja, otak ini masih belum mau istirahat. Melanglang buana, dari suatu rumah di Jatiasih, kesana. Ke tempat anda.

Sama seperti pertanyaannya Adele: "when was the last time you thought of me? or have you completely erased me from your memory?" saya juga bertanya hal yang sama. Ah, anda. Lupa sama saya?

Mungkin kita memang udah harus declining, seperti dalam kurva PLC (Product Life Cycle) yang pernah saya post sebelumnya. Tapi ngga gini juga, bung, caranya. Ada kalanya anda terlalu perhatian sama saya. Dan selalu ada buat saya. Hal-hal yang kecil aja anda bisa ingat, apalagi hal besar--anda pasti membantu. Tapi sekarang... ngga ada satu karakter huruf ataupun tanda baca yang saya terima dari anda.

Maksudnya anda apa sih?

Ngga begini caranya, bung, kalau anda mau berlari. Sama saja anda seperti pelaku tabrak lari. Sayanya udah jatuh berlumuran darah, eeehh anda malah kabur dan ga mau tanggung jawab.

Bukan begini caranya, bung.

Kalau anda memang udah ketemu tempat berlabuh yang lain, well... *hela nafas* entah kenapa saya merasa sangat dijahatin sama anda. Tapi terserah sih, itu pilihan anda. Semoga anda ga merasa sakit pernah dijahatin seperti anda ngejahatin perasaan saya sekarang. Gapapa kok :) saya sudah biasa bertahan.

Sedikit saya berharap anda akan ingat saya. Secuil saja. Tapi saat itu tiba, saya ga janji ya kalo saya bisa selalu ada saat anda bingung dan perlu teman bicara. Maaf, tapi... tapi anda sudah menerbangkan layangannya terlalu jauh. Anda sudah kalah. Layangannya sudah dipegang tangan yang lain. Kali ini anda yang salah. Ya, anda salah. Kenapa ngebiarin layangannya terbang, coba?

Saya manusia. Capek loh, bung, dijahatin terus. Kalo ngga serius, kenapa selalu manis? Kenapa pernah berkata tentang... Ah, sudahlah. Ga paham. Dan malas untuk mencoba paham.

Oke. Kalau anda ingin berlari, larilah. Saya sih ngga mau lari. Capek tau. Ngos-ngosan, kaki pegel. Belum lagi kalo ada batu, terus kesengkat, terus jatoh, terus memar. Wiiiihhh amit-amit deh.

Sampai bertemu nanti, bung. Semoga anda baik-baik aja ya. Sehat, urusannya lancar. Dan semoga si junior anda bisa memberi apa yang ngga bisa saya kasih ke anda.

Sekedar info, mungkin anda mau tau. Sekarang layangannya sudah ada ditangan orang lain, bung.

Night, sleep well.

Friday, April 20, 2012



Now I officially announce that "Celoteh Kucing Betina" has evolved to "Punctuation"! 

Actually I have been thinking to change the whole page of my blog into something new. Something fresh, simple, a bit classy and very me. I also been thinking of some new names like passionatta, which I also use the word to my tumblr (PASSIONATTA) but I guess it's not quite a match name to do with the posts. So I changed the address to and the title to Punctuation and the blog description to "every story needs a period" (inspired by the phrase: nothing lasts forever).

I took some many hours to fix the whole page into all new. I also changed the background to a pastel-coloured background. I hope this will fit me, a grown up lady, lol.

So make sure you don't type anymore since you wont find the right page after today. I really hope you like it the all new fanyhervilita's. Any comments, suggestions or critics, find me on my twitter @fanyhervilita :)

Say bye bye to Celoteh Kucing Betina!
You probably asking why on earth I name my blog as Celoteh Kucing Betina. You don't? Well you should now! Cos you're about to read why Celoteh Kucing Betina ever being used to name the blog.

That is:
1. I like to talk a lot. I can't handle lonesome. And instead talking alone, I write in blog. This talking stuff refers to celoteh.
2. I like cats a lot. Cats are the most sophisticated creatures God ever made. I like tigers too. Well I myself sometimes think that I might be a cat in my previous life. This cat stuff refers to kucing.
3. I'm a female. Full of a female's life, wants, dreams, and needs. It is obvious that female is betina.

Pretty cool isn't it? LOL.

My blog had run a lot of changes. The backgrounds, the descriptions, the titles, even the addresses. I forgot what was the very first name, but I guess it was, then changed into, then to something I forgot, and changed again to something I forgot, until to and successfully stayed for 2 years long! *applaud* *so labil, eh?*

But yea, time after time, people change.
Blogs too.

Warm Regards,
Punctuation, every story needs a period.

Gue Tulang Rusuk, Bukan Lego!

"Tulang rusuk dan pemiliknya takkan tertukar, dan akan dipertemukan pada saat yang paling tepat"
Febi Riskikarina, via twitter.

Hmm, ya. Mungkin memang begitu adanya. Dan kesimpulannya adalah: semuanya belum dipertemukan, gue dan si pemilik.

Mencoba dua tahun lamanya untuk diam dan setia pada pemilik yang satu itu, tapi ternyata bukan dia empunya gue. Ruang diantara tulang rusuknya yang hilang terlalu sempit, sesak apabila gue terjejal didalamnya. Hatinya tidak begitu luas. Egonya tidak dapat dimengerrti. Padahal dia orang yang cukup baik dan cukup perhatian. Bahkan gue sempat bermimpi ingin dimiliki olehnya.

Lupakan. Berarti tubuh yang udah gue coba jajal selama dua tahun itu bukan empunya gue. Bukan pelengkap setengah lingkaran yang selama ini gue cari. Bukan tempat bagi gue, si tulang rusuk yang tengah mencari tubuh siapa untuk melengkapi rerangka hidupnya.

Beberapa waktu sempat gue hanya diam. Berharap si empu yag mencari satu rusuknya yang hilang. Agar pas hidupnya. Hidup gue. Hidup dia dan gue. Kali ini diam bukanlah emas. Gue bosan. Sampai akhirnya berjumpa dengan tuan yang lain. Ah betapa tuan yang satu ini memberikan gue kenyamanan yang terhangat.

Tuan yang baik hati. Si tuan dapat bersosialisasi dengan lihai. Kata-katanya manis, lebih manis dari madu yang termanis. Gue menaruh kepercayaan penuh pada si tuan yang pandai memuji satu ini. Dan ya, berharap dialah yang akan megakuisisi gue untuk menjadi pelengkap rerangkanya, menjadi rusuknya yang hilang.

Tapi si tuan agak sedikit tamak. Bukan cuma gue yang dia coba untuk menutupi ruangnya yang bolong, tapi banyak rusuk yang lain. Dan kesemuanya sama, berharap dialah yang pas untuk si tuan, Ah, tidak. Gue mundur saja. Begah rasanya dipenuhi rusuk-rusuk lain dengan pengharapan yang mungkin mirip yang dijajal di bagiannya yang kosong. Letih, kadang diperhatikan, kadang dibiarkan. Kadang dicari-cari, lalu diabaikan. Dilepas-pakai, dicoba-coba seperti ia sedang bermain lego.

Gue bukan lego. Gue tulang rusuk. Yang mencari pemilik gue yang sebenarnya.

Gue masih mencari. Mencari si pemilik, si majikan yang pas bagi gue. Cuma waktu teman gue satu-satunya dalam pencarian ini.

Tak lama berselang, waktu bertanya akankah gue pas dengan manusia yang satu ini. Dia membawa gue kepada si manusia, dan memaksa gue untuk menjajalkan diri ke dalam ruang si manusia yang kurang lengkap tatanannya itu.

Lumayan, lumayan hangat. Dia pemberani. Sebagai tulang rusuk yang kini tengah terjajal di tubuhnya, gue selalu bisa merasa benih adrenalin pemberaninya. Tidak bicara banyak. Tidak pandai memuji. Tidak merayu. Tapi dia mampu mengingatkan aku kepada Rabb-ku jauh lebih dalam. Ya Rabb, akankah aku cocok menjadi rusuknya?

Gue sedang menjajal. Mencoba menyesuaikan sendiri diantara rongga badannya. Menjadikan anatomi dirinya sempurna. Sisa dan rasa yang dulu masih terasa, entah apakah gue akan betah disini atau ngga. Tapi gue mau mencoba. Mencoba mengisi ruangan yang baru. Mencoba menghapus bagaimana asyiknya berada di tempat yang lama. Membuat diri gue sendiri nyaman, lebih nyaman dari ruang rusuk yang sebelumnya. Ya, setidaknya gue juga berusaha mencari siapa pemilik gue yang tepat.

Gue ingin mengelilingi dunia dengan waktu, demi bertemu siapa pemilik gue sebenarnya. Gue merasa mampu berjalan terus, karena diam itu nihil. Gue ingin mencicipi proses, belajar dari setiap rongga yang gue singgahi, agar tau mana yang paling nyaman, paling tepat, paling mengisi bagi gue dan pemilik gue.

Gue si tulang rusuk. Gue masih mencari siapa pemilik gue.

Mmm... mungkin ga kalo itu kamu, mas?

Monday, April 09, 2012


Ngga ngerti kenapa bisa sampe seperti ini. Harusnya sudah tau, karena sudah diberitahu beberapa waktu yang lalu. Tapi kenapa bisa?

Kepala terasa penuh, seperti kenangan yang terbentuk. Awal bertemu, lika liku, sampai akhirnya seperti ini. Tapi masih sungguh berat dimengerti, sulit dilupakan. Kenangannya terlalu berat. Beraaaaaaaaaaatttt sekali.

Saat memulai untuk bicara tidak menuai benih apapun, lalu harus apa? Dan saat berkoar koar tidak juga dianggap, harus bagaimana?

*hela nafas*

Mungkin saatnya benar benar pergi. Tanpa melihat dibalik punggung. Tanpa menatap yang terjadi diantara kalian. Salah sendiri, kenapa tidak pernah menjadi cantik. Kalau begini, mungkin pergi saja, berharap terlempar ke bulan, lalu ke bintang, ke mars, lalu ke pluto. Yang jauh. Jauuuuhh sekali. Agar hatinya tidak meringis.

Pergi, membawa serta semua beratnya kenangan manis. Mungkin akan menjadi lagu pengantar tidur suatu malam nanti. Yang pasti sudah tidak tahan lagi, menanggung kenangan manis yang teramat berat, yang pada kenyataannya... semua hanya bisa dikenang.

Tidak apa, bila suatu saat kau datang dan butuh, sudah siap. Siap mengakhiri percakapan, siap mematikan telpon masuk, siap menghapus pesan, dan siap segalanya.

Datanglah saat kau butuh, berkata manislah saat kau butuh, berperilaku baiklah saat kau butuh. Yaa, seperti yang selama ini kau lakukan. Kemudian, hilanglah.

Namun satu hal yang akan selalu tertagih darimu: Ajakan pergi bermain seluncur es.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Cost of Beauty

The only thing I need right now is to talk to you. However, I don't recognize that it's your need too as I do. I want to talk to you so bad. Telling you the stories.

The story of that expensive price I paid today. The hurt I experienced. The sickness. The hunger. Anything not cool at all. Do you know why I paid all the prices above? Simple cause I want to be pretty. In order to impress you.

Please, don't talk about how I am supposed to enjoy me the way it is, if you never have that guts to say when somebody couldn't love you the way you loved him in return--all just because you're visually imperfect. And please, shut your fcuking mouth up if people around you never look you in the eyes of oh-hunny-you're-almost-look-like-a-giant-hippopotamus. And don't say it--say how I'm supposed to be happy with all I am--if a friend of yours doubted that you can actually dance the Balinese dance!

So if you have that kind of manner, that might be polite if you just shut up and smile. :)

Oh yes. I still want need to talk to you. Not just to rewind what I've gone through but also to know how the hell are you today. A bit messed up, I can see that. But how could we don't talk to each other these past days? Oh, oh, wait! That must be it! You must be very busy, eh? Yeaaa I knew that! Hahahaha yeaa, of course! How come I'm asking you why if I already knew why? I'm a fool, my bad.

So now the lights out (AGAIN, grrrr) and... I don't know. Perhaps there exists a little bit of correlation between the sudden lights out and the need to talk to you even more. Whatever.

Yup. We girls, would thrilled to do anything, to pay any costs, just to hear the word pretty or beautiful or wonderful from the lips of the one she loves. I guarantee.

Girls, I know we can pay anything to get that. But note this: don't do stupid to achieve it. It will cost you today, and tomorrow.

I know, theory is so damn hard to apply and I know, words only play the role as words.
However, nothing's wrong if you (try to) love yourself :)

If only........

Sunday, April 01, 2012

So, What's Next?

I really should be working on my bachelor thesis instead of posting a new post. But my lecturer just shocked me this evening by saying that I should be starting to work on my thesis from chapter 4. Wha-----

dan sang dosen pembimbing membalas dengan senyuman tersipu

telah membuat mahasiswanya sport jantung...

Someone I talked to this evening even guessed, "mungkin becanda", yea, today's April Fool and I got fooled by this same person too BUT my lecturer doesn't know how to joke. Really. So when he said "...saya mau baca bab 4..." then I HAVE TO work on chapter 4. That simple. That simple.

Leave it there.
What I really want to share in this post will start from this question:

"Jadi abis lulus skripsi mau ngapain, Fan? Nikah?"


Tell ya the truth, I have been thinking about this so-what's-next question like everyday, even before I was being asked, LOL! It's just surprised me that the person-----

OK. Hmm, next... the next chapter of my life after passing this bachelor degree would be applying what I have been learning through these times on a career. A banker would be appropriate to me and which I'm seeking for a career at the bank too. I'm not going to take a long career time, by the way. It will probably 2 - 3 years of employment at the bank and then... *clear throat* get married! :D :">

Besides, it's not like I'm going to get married straight ahead after I pass the comprehensive test, though. I haven't even got boyfriend or husband-to-be. Looking for "the other half" is never that simple, buddy. Naah.

Or is it you the one who's gonna marry me? Like what you've twitted the taaruf thingy in response to my tweet? :">

"So what about your plan for a master degree?"

Umm, yea. Another person asked me another question. Actually it's not my plan--it's my mum and dad's. Well, I actually want to take a Magister Management as my last name but... maybe later. Terms and conditions applied, lol :D

So it's my long term plan. For this short term, I really want to get over with my thesis and move on from being a student into a banker. This year. Amin.

But I do really believe that what's unplanned is the best planned. Cos God planned it perfectly.

What about you, fellas? ;)