Sunday, July 17, 2011

Destiny Density

OK, I don't know where to start it. oh please, you have passion to write but then you said you don't know where to start it? Gimme a break.

OK, here's the thing. I'm not gonna post such a crybaby post or something again, but well, this post will kinda like autobiography or.. well.. I don't even know what it's like, actually. Whatever.

Well I guess I can start from this point. It was back then when I graduated from High School, I was hoping that I could be a student of Universitas Indonesia and could study International Relation there. Well actually, I have also studied hard to achieve it BUT, my dad didn't want me too. He said what am I going to be, or where am I going to work in the future? Obviously, my dad's kinda ancient. But it was my dream. I mean, I love speaking English, I love meeting new people (I'm a Gemini, I love being in the center of everyone's attention), and I loooooovvveeeee having relationship with partners abroad. But daddy seemed not understand all of this stuff.

Please, daddy, at least open up your mind a little. It's year 2000, not 80s.

Anyway, since my dad didn't give me the money to pay the SNMPTN fee--because I told him I chose International Relation for the SNMPTN instead of Economics or Management, his choice--then I decided just to chill in Indonesia Banking School. IBS. Not a university, because it's quite small and only have 1 faculty (Economics) with two major (Management and Accountancy), and also only have below than 150 students per batch (yes, less than 150 student per batch for both major. can you imagine how shallow it can be?? I know ALL people there. and it's not really fun for me), and sadly, IBS is not really famous. It was established in 2004, I am the 5th batch (2008), although this organization belongs to YPPI of Bank Indonesia, but still, some people would think it's BSI if I told them that I go to IBS--OK this is annoying BSI and IBS? Naaaahh. So instead, I always tell people, from then on, that I go to Indonesia Banking School to study.

The first semester was great. I get along with my classmates of only 22 people. And also the second semester. The third semester was great too, we were being focused on the major we took. I mean, in the first year we were gathered in one class, ignoring the Management or Accountancy study focuses. And starting from the third semester, we were separated to whether Management Class or Accountancy Class. I'm in Management Class, fyi. And in the fourth semester, the darkest moment, uyeeaaa, I got the lowest grade here. Lalala~ However, I fixed it in the fifth semester, and the sixth semester would be my highest grade of all.

But somehow, if I think about it wisely, it wasn't because my daddy's closed minded. It was all destiny. Yup, I think it is. Because if I were an International Relation of Universitas Indonesia student, I wouldn't had such stupid experience with my friends, like going to GJUI without knowing the real date and time; nor would I experienced the very stupid 2 years stuck in 1 stupid man. 1 stupid freaky man. Ack.

How-the hell-ever, I'm sure it is destiny. Destiny, that I met such friendly people, had unforgettable moments, been in an expensive experience, and all that. It is destined that I met this guy, that I friends with them, destined that I have to go through some kind like journey, and just destined, to pass all the things that I already through. Oh what a journey.

Still, I will have to walk on some more journeys. Like having my study finished, for example. Yup, gotta be that one. I had a dream of finishing my study for only 3,5 years, by the way. I already managed it to happen IF I would stick to my plan. But no. Either that's fortunate or UNfortunate, I didn't go as I already planned. Indonesia International Week was outside my plan. Guess what, Opportunity Cost theory is happening to me by now.

Yup. But the cost I paid for such opportunity is worth. Even though I'm like sorry for the whole I-can't-do-in-three-and-a-half-year thing, but I assure you, you don't have anything similar like mine. And that I also realize that, well, 4 years is OK.

Things will go to what it's supposed to. Destiny works.
I guess.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Acquaintance Overseas

Reviewing. These days and probably couple days ahead are still about reviewing. Reviewing, remembering, re-memorizing what was already happened in the last 11 days. In the last 11 worthy days. Yup, worth enough. No, I mean it's worth more than just joining summer classes so I can finish my study for only 3,5 years like I always expected but hell about it, I have this way worthy experience than just having done my study for 3,5 years. I'm not a genius or what anyway :D

So, yea, reviewing. Umm.. from which point should I start? Ok, from the first day in Jogja would be nice, I think.

So it was a bit early in the morning when we finally arrived in Stasiun Tugu, Jogjakarta, after 5 to 6 hours sitting in an uncomfortable train. Then a shuttle bus took us to Wisma Kagama, it's a hotel--well tell you the truth, I personally think that it's not a hotel at all, it was more like a guest house or something--in Universitas Gajah Mada, where we stayed. There, I share a room with Ingrid, she came along the way from Spain to Indonesia to join this International Week event. She is currently studying law in Esade, a university in Spain. She's a nice 22 year-old girl, I can tell. Even, well, you know, western thingy, like having a party every night or--you name it.

Anyway. It was a funny thing that I will always remember, and one that I should tell to everyone. You know how Indonesian take a bath, right? Well, in this hotel, there was actually a shower in every bathroom but wasn't working in every bathroom. So there a friend of mine from Hungary--or was it from Argentina? hmm, I couldn't recall my memory. But for sure, it was between the two of them--who confused so much about how to shower.

Kinga (or Rita) : the shower is not working in my room! I can't use this, how to take a bath?
Me: well you can actually...
Kinga (or Rita): are we going inside it to bath? (pointing at the tub)
Me: no... no, Kinga, we don't jump inside it to bath, nobody is going to be inside the tub to bath!
Kinga (or Rita): no, no. I don't know how.
Me: you can use this (pointing at the water scoop) to take the water from here (pointing at the tub) and then you bath. just simple as that.
Kinga (or Rita): no, I don't know...

Nisa (Indonesia) - Rita Barbieri (Argentina) - Kinga Jentetics (Hungary)

jadi si bule ini pengen nyebur ke dalem bak mandi, gara gara dia ga bisa mandi ala tradisional Indonesia. bule.

But fortunately for my friends overseas, the hotel staff were actually fixing the showers so then it could be used in any rooms.

And well, talking about friends overseas, I'm going to write about this Chinese girl. Well, she's a nice girl. A totally nice girl. Her name is Liu Ruiyuan or Cathy, her English name. She gave me a book mark originally from China. Unfortunately I couldn't give anything to her in return :( We got along quite good. Probably because we're Asian so we wouldn't bother for not having party every night. In fact, every day we were together, it was actually like a party for me :D And oh, she's got a nickname, by the way, it's Umbrella Girl ;)

Liu Ruiyuan (Cathy) - China

tapi ada sesuatu yang sangat lebat yang dimiliki sama anak ini yang bikin kita ngga habis pikir. begitu ya cokin cokin di kampung halamannya? selebat itu?? hmm...

Ok, leave the Chinese girl there, and I shall continue to these two Belgium Guys: Ali Nouhi and Othman Boufaied. I have to say that they're more like Arabian or Pakistan than like Belgian. These two guys are like couple. They sat together like always, going out together like more than often, and just doing things together like every time. No wonder they're nominated--and won--the Best Couple at the awarding session on the farewell night at Jimbaran.

Ali Nouhi - Othman Boufaied (Belgium)

Ok leave the guys there. From Belgium done, China done, Hungary and Argentina also done.. hmm.. let see.. Finland! Yea, Finland, before we move to the party-a-lot Spanish people. She's Anna Pekuri, from Finland, my room mate in Bali. The very first time I met her, she was a bit scary. I mean, everybody was smiling and laughing a lot at the opening ceremony but I couldn't find her smile there. And she was also complaining a lot about almost everything. And she was also not really keen on riding the train (despite the train was really uncomfortable), and I was thinking that she wouldn't enjoy the trip and NOT the one to get along with because it would probably hard for us to chit chat; but guess what, I'm missing her today! I might get nervous talking to her because she speaks English VERY fluent, I might think rude about her back then (sorry to say, Anna :p) but hell, she's like a sister to me now :)

Me - Anna Pekuri (Finland)

So now, let's talk about these 3 Spanish people. They are Ingrid (my room mate in Jogja, I've written that before), Lorena, and Oscar (the super cute guy). Their ages were 21 and 22, and are studying at Esade, the three of them. Ingrid studies law while Lorena and Oscar study business. They are Spanish, they drink a lot, party a lot, (some of them) smoke a lot, yet kind a lot. They're nice, I like friends with them. And oh, they have their own accent when they're speaking English, and I like their accent. For me, it's like listening to Javanese speaking English, but this is Spanish speaking English :p

Oscar Moncayo - Lorena Jordana Carmona - Ingrid Sague Sitjes (Spain)

And the rest of the participants are from the host country, Indonesia. They're on my previous posts actually. But Ok, here they are.

Bona Pasaribu (UnPar) - Diofany Hervilita (IBS) - Annisa Sudibyo (UB) - Ryan Wrehaspati (UI) - M. Ridwan (UnRi)

I'm longing to be in the middle of all you guys again. 11 days will never be enough, 11 days have captured a friendship, and 11 days will always glued in my mind.

Indonesia International Week 2011.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Built to Last

Goodbye my friend...

I know you're gone you said you're gone but I can still feel you here...

It's not the end...

You gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear...

So glad we made it...

time will never change it, no...

I don't wanna be so skeptical like I always be this time. I wanna enjoy being friends for the people above, because I enjoy them being friends for me. It's only 11 days for us to be together, and I miss you. Will always be...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Friends :)

Legian, Bali
July 11, 2011

It was already past 9 o'clock Bali time, I was at a hotel somewhere in Legian, Bali and was participating in an International Week. Well obviously it is Indonesia International Week. I met new people there, included foreigner overseas, say, from Finland (my room mate in Bali), Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Argentina, and China, and oh, also from Indonesia. Yes, from Indonesia. I have met these people and been friends with them these days. These Days. Like 10 or 11 days or so. And after that it'll be so hard for us to gather again. Oh, friends...

Yes, friends. Close friends. I've never ever consider new people I have met only like in few days to call them close friends but yea, this time is different. Personally, I feel a chemistry among us and that what make us that close.

OK, well, I'll tell you a brief of the story. There are 5 Indonesian participants and they were me, Bona, Nisa, Ryan and Ridwan. We came from different universities, backgrounds or whatever. We got along like almost every night in Jogja and in Bali, but I have to say that there are these people who are close to me the most. They are Bona and Nisa. :)

You have a special page from me, guys :)

Then, tonight, after having done the tour to Ubud and so, Bona, and the other guy, were planning to swim. Me and Nisa were like "OK.. but naah.. I'm confused." And yeah, he was actually swimming that night (yes it was already night, I really need to emphasize this) and I was still confused whether to swim or not.

Hence, I came to the swimming pool where the guys are already inside it. And there also came Ingrid and Lorena (girls from the Spain) and Anna (Finland, my room mate). Ingrid join the guys swimming while I STILL confused. And couple minutes after, there came Nisa and Cathy (Chinese).

Bona was actually asking me to join swimming, and Ridwan and Ingrid too but I was like.. yeah.. but no.. but I'll think about it.

So I took a sit near Bona, at the edge of the pool, and there was also Nisa sitting near us. I don't really remember exactly what topic we were discussing about, but I believe it was about having me to join swimming. And all of a sudden, Nisa push me from my back, and I believe Bona also did the same thing, and I was successfully plunged into the water WITH my muslim clothes on PLUS I wasn't ready at all to swim. I mean, I didn't take enough breathe to swim, my head scarf wasn't fit at that moment, my trousers weren't that fit on my waist also. So yeah, I felt miserable actually at that time I was plunged into the water. Crap.

So yea, finally I swam. Without any proper muslim swim wear. Haha. I wasn't that angry or what, well in fact I actually enjoyed that but guys, come on. I wasn't ready at all.

It is obvious that I have a very very very very very nice experience here plus I have a very very very very very nice close friends here, so what more can I say? I just never been here before. I mean, I've been to where best friends slapped me at the back and I've been to where friends just friends with benefit and also I've been to where friends talking about you at your back and that you feel something that your friends weren't friends at all. But I told you, this time is different.

Oh well. I'll wait for another moment to write. It's already late here in Bali and I'll just have to take a sleep.

Good night, friends :)

But this is kinda lame that I cannot post this to my blog since there is no wii fi here and that ALSO my internet connection link is very very LAME. oh it's IM2 by the way. Indosat--gross. Ugh.