Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Happy Fat Lazy Cat 4

Boy, seeing at his combo meal...




The Happy Fat Lazy Cat 3

Boy, seeing at a 300 ml milk box after scratching his left paw...



"It's like...."

"It's like my favourite fresh full cream UHT milk!"

The Happy Fat Lazy Cat 2

Boy, seeing at his delicious Friskies inside the food case...


"All hail the creator of this yummy munchy."

“Let’s make a deal. You stop taking pictures of me; you pour some of it into my bowl; me, eat.”

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Happy Fat Lazy Cat

Boy, seeing at his empty bowl...



“They must have forgotten to fill it out. They should’ve known, whenever I’m not eating is almost my time to eat.”

“Helloooo can somebody tell me why there are ONLY three little Friskies there in my bowl???”

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Experience or That Super Social Phone?

I would rather buy experience than to buy BlackBerry.

Yes, definitely. At least for now. Or if my mom and dad want me to have it. Haha.

I really don't get it why people here in Indonesia, especially the youngster, get really really overreact to this phone. What's good in it anyway? The chatting stuff? The always-online stuff? The camera? Talking about the camera, by the way, it's not even better than the ones of Nokia. Lol.

BlackBerry here has become something even more spectacular than the H5N1 I guess.

Hmm, the very reason that I state that I'd rather buy experience than to buy BB is that the cost of BlackBerry and the cost of me joining Indonesia International Week programme is the same. I repeat, the same. Or I guess even more expensive, and worthier (I repeat, WORTHIER) than me buying and having BB. Here, I give you some explanation:
  1. Me buying experience of Indonesia International Week (IIW) --> experience differ from my colleagues, having proud, pride, and stories to tell to my friends and relatives, clearly improving my English, having friends and relatives abroad, and knowledge and real social life.
  2. Me buying BB --> same experience with my mates, just to be aloof and alone with the phone, knacking some shit on the UberSocial, gossiping about anyone on the BBM, and just having some fake social life.

This opinion just came out suddenly, when I use the Twitter for BlackBerry from my brother's, then couple friends of mine asking my BB pin. And I felt that using a BB is like.. something merciful? Ngg.. naah...

But somehow, if my dad and mom buy me this kind of phone, I wouldn't even bother refusing the offer :p

Well, buying experience or buying this "super social phone", it's up to you. Or do you wanna buy both??

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Opposite of Life

Ha-Ha. Life sometimes can be so real funny.

Just like me and couple of my friends. They're sharing stories about everything they had back then, or even at the most present, with their significant others. Say, their very own man. Or frankly, their boyfriends. Or just some boys that he and she are very close to.

I listened to their stories very well, sometimes feeling so enthusiastic or sometimes sad, or sometimes very mad; following what they're feeling. I placed myself on a very careful listener and a very caring friends at times like that.

But that day, yea that day, when we had again such conversation, when they shared again such discussion, I felt terrible. Terrible for myself. I couldn't hold it, then I cried.

I know I wasn't supposed to do so, that I cried in front of them who told me sweet stories about them, but I just couldn't help myself. I couldn't stop the tears from falling...

"I am sorry, really. I didn't mean anything, but I was sorry for myself. It was hurt for me. I was crying to myself..."

It's funny, just like I said, funny how life can be so opposing one to another. My girls got their stories and experiences shared about their boyfriends, while me, I got my experiences becoming this or winning that, participating this or following that.

And yes, how they're poles apart. My girls got their phone ringing or vibrating like almost of the time just to figure out that their boyfriends waiting to be replied at text message, blackberry messenger, yahoo messenger, or even sometimes, their phone rang just to be picked a call up from their lover. And my phones, oh their barely even ringing just to show me that there's somebody been looking for me.

Also how they telling me that there's someone here and someone there who are waiting in line for my girs' acceptance. While me telling them how I dreamed so damn much of having a husband from the other side of the country. Which is barely even come true. Or how I've been curious and wanted so much to be with this guy I named Cimol. Whatever.

And how I deeply got envy when my friend's boyfriend, or even a boy that pretty close to her, pick her up just after the campus is over and take her home with him. Because only a bus driver will pick me up with the rest of the passenger.

Also how I quietly crying as my friend sharing something sweet done with both of them--she and the boy--but I smile instead, and pretend like nothing happens inside me.

I have succedded being this and scoring that, organizing this and achieving that, having this and experiencing that, but I have never been there, for real and official. well this means for fake and unofficial, I have.

God, I'm tired playing MY role. can I just be somebody else?


Friday, June 03, 2011

On Times Like These

di saat saat kayak gini,

gue juga mau ada yang sms dan tanya kamu kenapa.

gue juga mau ada yang bisa gue mention di twitter dan ketik kalimat yang manis setelah namanya.

gue juga mau ada yang bisa gue ambekin selain nyokap gue.

gue juga mau ada yang nelfon, sekarang, dan ngadu ke dia. dan mungkin nangis ke dia. dan mungkin minta dia nemenin walau cuma lewat telfon.

gue juga mau ada yang bisa bilang "aku ngerti yang, sabar ya..." ke gue di saat-saat kayak gini.

atau di saat-saat seperti itu.

gue mau ada yang nungguin gue keluar dari kelas.

dan ngejemput gue. gak apa naik motor, gue ga nuntut dia harus bawa mobil.

dan nganter gue ke kosan. dan mungkin ngobrol sebentar dulu disana.

dan nanyain apa gue udah makan atau belum. dan mungkin ngebeliin gue makanan.

aduh, kepala gue sakit.