Thursday, February 23, 2012

Boy Makan Bakwan

Boy Sitampan.
Pemakan Segala.
Segalanya Dimakan.
Kue Pukis.
Roti Tawar.
Dan Kali Ini.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


"Some times I just wanna hide cos it's you I miss."
Christina Aguilera - Hurt

There's this little sigh between my cheery night out that night with my girls. We had fun. We had lot of fun till we're loaded of fun. But I sigh.

Between the laugh-out-loud I did with my girls, there was a glance of the smile I once saw with my very own eyes. There was also a glance of memory made of funny face picture I once ever received.

In the middle of that karaoke song, a part of my mind remember a song once told. In the middle of the vibe, I inhaled deep, exhaled slow.

I posted on that site, cheery. Happy. Fun. But there was this one scream that nobody could hear. There was this one tear God only see.

Zipped my lips and threw the key away. Closed my heart and made it numb. I didn't wanna feel it that night.

Neither would I type it.

I laughed. And laughed. And laughed. And laughed.

"Cos I miss you, I wish you were here."
Endah n Rhesa - Wish You Were Here

Monday, February 06, 2012


Apabila aku tak mampu mendefinisikan suatu hubungan, maka biarlah hubungan itu melaju seperti air.
Kalanya surut maka surutlah.
Waktunya tenang maka mengalirlah.
Dan saat datang deras airnya, maka berdeburlah.
Sampai nanti berujung entah dimana.
Mungkin begitulah aku kepadamu.
Tak terdefinisi.
Tapi terasa.

Me, my mind's currently playing with words phrases. More like a lame poetry phrase. I don't know... But I do like this phrase:

Kecuali, menunggumu itu satu hal yang pasti, pasti kubela hingga kaki tak merasakan lelah lagi.
-Moammar Emka, Dear You

If none of us are able to define,
I'd rather stay like this.
Cos I'm happy.
Even if it's undefined.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Y = C + S

Hello there.

You know, if you took a Social study on your High School, you would absolutely notice about this simple economics pattern:

Y stands for your Income, C is for Consumption and S is for Savings.

And as we--or probably you who are studying economics--know that economics assumes so damn much, so here I will assume that Y is the amount of money I earn from my dad every month (I will not jot the amount here, uh oh. No.) and C is the amount of consumption I will spend every month; whereas S is... umm... is... ....

S stands for...


Okay. I don't save money. There I said that italic.

Well literally I did save money. But my savings go easily for a branded shoes or a branded bag or a branded clothes. On a sale. Like end year sale or you know... sale sale. Because if I bought those stuff on normal price, well, it's just so not economy. You know, spend small - get big, sacrifice a few - earn more. That is the tagline of economics. So basically, that branded bag--even if it's on a sale--makes me have nothing to save.

Economics also taught me about scarcity. Scarcity is a basic economy problem where what you want and what you need is limited to the resources.

The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it

Thomas Sowell

Thus, I realise I always have this one limit that I certainly meet every time I'm on a sale. A budget constraint.

A budget constraint means I'm in a short position. For example like when I went to a shopping centre with a shopping mate of mine (oh yea, with this post I wrote and you are currently reading, I am apparently showing you that... well... I kinda have that shopaholic soul. Kinda. Like a bit of it. Not like I'm a shopaholic shopaholic but I'm just a sort of it. Whatever.) I intended to buy those two things. But in the end I came home with only one stuff just because I couldn't afford those two prices at the same time. I came home with a grin and a sigh.


And for me, I am now proudly assuming that S in that pattern I showed you above stands for SALE!

Yeeaaahhh!! I made my own economics pattern! Yeaaaahhh how cool is that, huh??!! (OK I get it. I'm so lame.)

So, here, lemme explain to you a brand new pattern of economics for a shopaholic shopaholic:

Y = the money you get from your dad
C = bucks (or in this case, Rupiah) spent for every day meals as you're away from home (ngekos)
S = Shopping or simply, SALE!!!

And please do note that this pattern only available to students.

Yeaahhh!! How cool is that, huh?!! \m/

Yea I'm feeling over-lame. Don't you dare stare at me like I'm the poorest and the lamest and the most over-ngenes lady in the entire world, okay.

Why am I even doing this economics-related post? I believe this is the side effect that I'm going to write my very own final thesis. And umm... I don't know. The idea of writing such a post just crossed my mind like... BUZZ! and I write this quite smooth. And I really want to deliver some value to my readers, not only a story of mine. So... I hope you'd enjoy. Hehe :D

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Ketikkan Rindu

Andai bisa kuketikkan semua rasaku yg terhimpit ini tentang kamu, dengan jemariku yang menari molek diatas barisan papan alfabet ini. Maka yang ingin kusampaikan hanya satu: kata rindu.