Monday, August 15, 2016

In Memoriam: Boy the Cat

Hi again.

Do you still remember the cat, black and white, angora, that I post a lot in this blog?

Yep, he's Boy Sitampan. The cat that I have always loved, remembered, and will always be dearly missed.

It has been 7 months since the last time I touched his fluffy fur, hug his fat belly, heard his soft meows, and saw his round yellow eyes.

Boy has gone. He's now happy up there. Yea. He told me so as he visited me once in my dream.

And how could I ever be so in love with a cat--you asked?

Because he's a very nice cat. 

You might not know it but he felt me the way I was. He was there when I cried. He put his paw to my cheek and just sat/slept next to me and let out his purrs that calmed me down. He understood me. One time when I was alone at home, I told him not to go out. He stayed. Another time when I was alone again at home and he needed to poo (he never liked to poo in the poo poo box. He always went outside), I begged him to not be long out there. Guess what, he returned exactly in no time.

Ah yea. When I was cooking in the kitchen and he always waited for me to finish cooking (before he took a food test on my cooking). When I was scared to sleep alone and I took him to my bedroom and he just rolled and slept next to me. When I called out his name and he ran to me. When I was sick and needed to have some bed rest and he had always been there. And his quick response whenever I said "susu" (milk). He just ran towards me and begged for real bowls of milk. Oh, he loved bear brand milk a lot he could finish two cans of it in a day.

He's just so special.
He's not a cat. He's a family member to me.

Boy as he curled up with me when I was sick.

The cat that demanded for milk so much.

His number one ability was to be lazy during the day and the night.

But how could I be so clueless when he was sick? He was so sick that he needed me to go home and saw him, pet him, just be with him like he had always done to me. And at that moment, I chose to be else where. I was thinking that it was for my future good. But not for his...

Mum told me as I was home that Boy meowed a lot as if he looked for me. He waited before the door, hoped that I would open the door and pour some milk to his bowl. I bet he expected me to give him food with my hand, he always liked that. He wanted me to see me, before he finally....


Percaya deh, kakak kangen banget sama Boy.
Kepengen lagi main sama Boy.
Mandiin Boy. Elus elus Boy. Suapin Boy.
Boy. Boyot. Boyopi. Boyoyo.
Apapun nama yang kakak panggil buat kamu,
Artinya cuma satu, Boy.
Kakak sayang sama Boyot.
Boy bukan kucing, Boy itu keluarga.

Terima kasih atas segalanya.
Maafin kakak ngga bisa ngeliat Boy.
Kita ketemu lagi ya Boy.
Nanti, di surganya Allah.

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