Friday, August 23, 2013


Okay. I left abandoned this blog for a little too long. Webs could be every inch on the wall, if this were a room. I get it now, that saying that as we step into another pace of life, nothing will ever stay the same. True. This blogging activity, for instance. If you notice.

It has been some times that I thought about writing posting again. Sometime I had it all in my mind--everything that I was going to write about. However, whenever I sat with my laptop on, everything I had in mind just... evaporated that easy.

Anyway, tryna post some thoughts again tonight. Let's see if I'll make it thru or not. Hmm... I'll probably start with this one.

A little clarify: I might be a muslimah who wears hijab but I'm still a free-spirited writer--umm, blogger.

I once read about a quote saying that whenever a girl wear the same undies colour--top and bottom--unintentionally, then she'll know that day is going to be her super fine day. So that day, I wore the same undies colour. I was thinking that day was gonna be bright or something but it was just the same ordinary day. The first time I realized I was wearing matching colour I was like "whoa they match! Yea baby, my day's gonna be so damn fine!" but at the end of the day, I realized nothing to be wow-ed about.

The only thing I fully understand about undies is that women really have to wear em every day in the most comfortable way. Hmm... if matching colour undies help women to elevate her comfort... hmm... probably that's what the saying tries to say. If women feel comfort with everything they wear, then the day will be just fine, no? I see the point.

Okay. Since by the time I'm writing typing this post I'm sick--been having a bad flu. Plus migraine. Now I feel like something's been pounding on my right head and I'm currently gasping for air by my mouth cos I can't breathe normally thru my nose--so I think this is it my post.

Ha-ha. First come-back post and I'm talking about undies. -_-