Saturday, March 26, 2011


His name is Edmund. Edmund something. He's a British guy, as I expected. And he's also a Muslim, as I always expected.

Edmund is a smart kinda guy. He's loyal, he's kind, he's understanding and he's strong. He's cute, and yes of course, Edmund is a handsome British guy.

And fortunately *clears throat* Edmund almost looks like Adam Levine; my favourite, my number one, my hopes and dreams. :)

And there we met. He was all that gentle. He attracted me at the first sight. His blue eyes, fair complexioned (well we can actually say he's white), careless brown hair, thin lips, pointed nose, tall about umm... I don't know because I don't measure him myself how many feet tall he is, and his body, well it's not a six pack after all, but he's good. Oh way too good.

After couple days knowing each other, we get to know each other very well. He's a lovely man, I have to say. He got all that.

And finally... we're dating! yeaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!

Edmund oh Edmund.
He's the shield of my heart.
He's the keeper of my tears.
He's the hero of my nights, sunshine of my mornings.
He's the Superman of my days.

Parachute when I fly too high.
Fireflies on the dark clouds.
Ice when I'm fired with emotion.
Red lights when I go to far.
Signs when I'm blank.

Edmund has his arms for me to hold on.
Shoulder to lay on.
And yes, his lips to kiss.

He never brings me down--he's the shield to my heart.

Edmund, oh Edmund...
When will you wake up and realize that I've been waiting for you, Ed?

...since after all, this Edmund is only an actor of my hallucination.