Friday, February 11, 2011

Life's Not Always Good--You Seek For It

People might have their own way to achieve the needs--no, the wants of their lifes. some get it easy, and some just get it hard. well, just like me.

To be considered, I am 20. and single. and spending almost every Saturday night stuck at home playing with my cat, or just going out with the family. I am almost 21. and single. and just now longing for something. well, perhaps that's love that I long.

yea, maybe it is. something to fit in my soul, something to complete another "C" in my life. to make it whole. to make it whole and complete.

you see, I've been in a mess for a quite long time (for ladies' time). it's like 3 months for an impossible story, 2 years for nothing, and lately, a month for a painful shit.

me and the significant others in those stories I elaborated were pretty close actually. some of em were just.. you know, "almost love". but no. the fact says no.

truth is just talking about pain, isnt it?

yea, I'm (a bit) old and I'm not in a relationship currently until this post is posted.

or perhaps until some times the post was posted. :p

but after all, suddenly I realize that Allah, has always and is always got a plan for me. and for anybody. I may get it hard, but somehow, in the back of my mind, somewhere in the bottom of my heart, I always know that I'll have it good somehow. even better. or way too better. yea, I know. I believe.

though I dont believe in love and hopes and expectations, though I always been acting sceptical, but I'm quite optimistic for a pessimist. :)

I may not get it easy like her, like him, or just like you. I may get it hard. even harder tahn the hardest. but someday you'll see me and my smile: whole and complete and.. happy.

do you know what the sceptics are looking for? well, you see, sceptics see it real. even if painful, they seek for the truth that lies even in a beLIEve.

I am 20. somewhere on May I'll hit 21. currently single. but yea, ready to mingle! :p